Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2 = 2

Trawling through various “sales engineering” blogs recently, I happened to come across this one http://tinyurl.com/dz8nma by Xavier Petit who is apparently a fellow “paisan” from France.  Xavier seems like a sharp guy with an interesting manipulation of written English but nevertheless full of excellent insight, in my opinion.  Not the least of which is his reference to this other site here http://www.morenewmath.com.  Part of my job sometimes involves trying to explain or demo esoteric mathematical concepts to people who want to “drill-down” into our product’s technology (rare, but it happens) so you can imagine I was eager to learn more about this “new math” approach to performing successful demos.  Little did I realize initially that these were just mathematically-expressed (terse) philosophical principles (equations about life) – some of which are really pertinent to what XSPRADA is about.  For instance:

I wish I had a dollar (ok, in this economy, make that a Jackson) for every time I’d heard someone say “you guys can’t do this, it’s impossible”.  Now we have working software to prove them wrong.

A lot of folks initially said we were crazy for even attempting to disrupt the relational “status-quo”.  Five years later, here we are, and in good company I might add.

The concept of uniqueness is very hard to define mathematically.  Our ability to do just that is one pillar of our math-based technology.

Why disappoint people (and the market) by making overhyped promises and under-delivering.  We went the other route.

When perception matches reality over time, you have a successful product (think Rolex or BMW). People often ask me “what’s your value proposition”? I say “You tell me, here’s the software, here’s what it does, but don’t take my word, try it out.”  They’ve all heard the “better, faster, cheaper” pitch before, so why waste their time when it’s better spent actually using the software?

And my personal favorite, which has nothing to do with software, databases, or XSPRADA but fulfills me as a wine lover.  A votre santé! J

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