Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mini-Me, you complete me.

Ok in this case, it's certainly no one remotely "mini". More like "maxi": I received an email from Curt Monash recently and he pointed out some needed updates and a typo in a previous entry here.

First of all, Curt posted the lastest PPT deck from his presentation at TDWI recently (which I was not able to attend unfortunately, which is a shame since I'm only 4 hours driving from Vegas and have a "permanent" room at the Encore and...did I mention how convenient a trip it is for me? Did I mention the steak frite at Mon Ami Gabi? My favorite dinner hangout in Sin City? Yeah, moving right on...)

So Curt's latest deck on how to pick an analytical database vendor is at:


Furthermore, and embarrassingly so, I mis-spelled Curt's website which it at



So...thanks for completing, I mean correcting me Dr. Monash.

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