Sunday, October 11, 2009

BI in a New York Minute is Born

In my last post, I mentioned I was going to do a "trial & error" run on a recent concept of providing weekly BI tidbits (news items) for people on the go.  Having had some time to reflect on this endeavor a little further over the weekend, and after consulting with some key people, I've decided to try another tack.  Fact is, I prefer keeping my main blog for "deeper" less frequent posts. 

So instead, I've decided to create another way to dessiminate this information. Additionally, I'm giving up on the idea of posting items on a weekly basis. Why cover weekly periods when in fact, BI news is occurring pretty much 24/7 in real time nowadays including weekends.  

To deliver better, I have created a new blog called "BI News in a New York Minute" where I simply post tidbits in real time.  When I get them, you get them.  People can subscribe to this stream via the blog (obviously) or by pulling feeds from  Additionally, I've linked BI News in a New York Minute to Twitter so updates are also broadcast there when available (almost, but not annoyingly, in real time).  So if you aren't following me in twitland yet, point here and click "follow" :)

This is just one modality of a more general media concept I am working on for the Business Intelligence industry.  In the meantime, I am hopeful (and grateful if) you will give me feedback and suggestions!

Yours in BI.

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